At NorthStar HealthCare Consulting, we have the experience, insight and innovation to customize pharmacy spend management solutions to meet the unique needs of government sponsored pharmacy programs.

Since 2005, NorthStar has been providing its clients with clinically appropriate customized cost initiatives that have improved quality, transparency and cost outcomes.

Pressures to lower cost while improving outcomes and maximizing safety can sometimes seem unachievable - especially in light of regulatory requirements in a government setting. NorthStar and its staff have played key roles in the development, design, and installation of creative and flexible programs that are tailored to meet the unique needs of government clients and their vendors. We understand federal Medicaid regulatory requirements as well as the fact that each state has unique legislative mandates.

For our commercial clients, we offer custom solutions to seamlessly integrate with your current programs. We are completely flexible and willing to take the lead on behalf of the client or provide services behind the scenes.

We are dedicated to knowing you, your program, your environment, and providing innovative, results-oriented solutions. This is our commitment to you.



At NorthStar, we are an independent and privately owned company. We conduct business with only our clients' interests in mind. Our business model is transparent by nature so as never to jeopardize our integrity nor that of our client.

Free from the agendas of pharmaceutical or managed care corporations -- our independence propels our innovation -- giving us the power to craft cutting-edge cost containment solutions that are anchored in clinical and fiscal excellence.



NorthStar has long term relationships and a profound familiarity with government stakeholders and Medicaid fee-for-service programs. We understand and acknowledge the political sensitivities and collaboration that is required to achieve the optimal balance of resource allocation and results. At NorthStar, you’ll always find us at the center of policy research and action as we advocate for defensible policy making and increased transparency.



At NorthStar, we owe our success to an unparalleled team of professionals who are able to work in tandem with you to transform your programs. Our clinical team’s vast experience in government-sponsored health benefits programs lies at the core of our customized solutions – an advantage that allows us to excel at meeting your organization’s needs.

Together, our staff of clinical pharmacists and other clinicians possess more than 30 years of Medicaid experience. Experts in public health care policy, business and formulary management, we don’t just advise. We implement and stay with you every step of the way until you reach your goals. No entity knows how to navigate the waters of government sponsored pharmacy programs and the needs of our customers better than NorthStar.